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My remarks this year are mainly composed of thanks – Glenn and Adam in their reports have covered the key elements relating to this unfortunately shortened season, so first of all, thank you Adam for keeping on top of the accounts.

A very big thank you to Glenn for all the additional work he has undertaken because of the pandemic, also to Glenn and Tony who were the main thinkers behind the system for calculating the final placings.  Although we are aware that there were different options to consider, and not everyone would be happy with the League’s decision, we have done our best, and have been grateful for the input received from clubs on this tricky matter.  As Glenn has said, the start of competitive play is still some time away, but the Committee continues to monitor the situation in the light of venue availability (or not) – obviously a key issue – as well as taking into account Government requirements and BE guidance.  You should all be aware of BE’s attempts to help with some grant funding, and in relation to membership fees, from its emails to Clubs and members.  Julie Pike continues as our local BE contact. 

Suffolk BA at its AGM agreed the recommendation of zero fees for adults and juniors in 2020/21.

Thank you also to Derek Savory for running the Junior Championships again, and to Amanda for the getting the Playford Trophy event to its current position – hopefully we will have a final at some point.  Thank you to all the members of the Committee for your help and support, including Tony’s tonight with Zoom, and to Ollie Hills who joined the Committee to help with social media.

And finally – thank you to Club officials for your efforts and to all club members for your support which we hope will continue, despite current difficulties – please don’t hang up your racquets or mothball your shuttles, but stay safe and keep in touch with us.

Following the updates and comments at the meeting, I would reiterate Glenn’s request for your further suggestions about what we might be able to organise for next season, whenever it starts.  Thank you to everyone who has already commented on possible options, we will hope to come up with something that will work, subject of course to whatever constraints might be in place at the time. 

Please contact Adam with any questions in relation to the accounts if you think of things you were unable to ask at the meeting, and also contact Glenn or me if you have other queries – I repeat my apologies for the AGM possibly not being the best ever, but hopefully everyone was able to follow proceedings in the hall or via Zoom, and at least some people were able to contribute, so thank you for that and also for your co-operation around social distancing.

Linda Sheppard 






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