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IOnce again, I’ll start my remarks by saying thank you to Glenn for all his hard work on behalf of the League. As he has also been heavily involved with the preparation of the SBA’s Strategic Development Plan, the time commitment this past year – and continuing – is even more substantial than usual. Hopefully with Glenn’s considerable input, the Plan will directly benefit League Clubs – to paraphrase Glenn’s email to clubs, supporting this initiative would help to get the grass roots’ voices heard and reflected in the Development Plan. One aspect which we particularly hope will be addressed relates to the problems many clubs are having with venues – availability and costs being the main issues. Thanks also to Tom Mann, Andrew Rowe and Chris Moore for volunteering to get involved in this project.

Under AOB – although more important than suggested by being the last item on the agenda – is the presentation of trophies. I am sad to report that I have received confirmation from Linda of L J Wiggins (Trophies) that this is the last year that we will have their services – on reaching their 50th anniversary next April, they will cease trading. That might have been the bad news, but there is good news as well, which is that Shire WM Trophies of Trimley will be taking over the business – this firm has already been engraving some of our larger trophies (technical explanation is that if the plates go all the way round, a bigger machine is needed – smaller flat plates can be removed for engraving. Sorry, not very technical after all.) I’ll be liaising with Linda about the changeover and thanking her on behalf of the League – last year she had to catch up with 3 years’ winners and everything was done with the usual efficiency, and at a very reasonable cost.

Thanks are also due to our Treasurer, Adam, Amanda for the Playford Trophy, Lou and Glenn for the Junior Tournaments and hosting meetings, Tony for hosting and acting as an unofficial Vice Chair, Harriet for helping with venues, Oliver for his perspective and to all the Committee members collectively for their time and support.

We are pleased to be welcoming new teams, and a new Club, Constututional, for the 2023/24 season although we have suffered the loss of some teams, and the Cardinals club, but there is a net increase in teams overall. I wish you and your members a good season in 2023/24 and as ever, my sincere thanks to you - for your attendance this evening and to all of you – members and officials – for your continuing support and interest in our local League, which was formed in 1947, a year of particular interest for me.

Linda Sheppard






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