League Rules
Amended September 2023


  1. The name shall be The Ipswich and District Badminton League.
  2. Member Clubs may choose to affiliate to Badminton England and the County Association. All Clubs who choose not to affiliate to Badminton England must provide evidence to the league that like for like insurance is in place. Play must be conducted in accordance with Badminton England Laws of Badminton
  3. The Annual General Meeting will be called during the first two weeks of September. Any affiliated club member may attend with only two representatives of each club allowed to vote. It will be followed by a meeting to enable clubs to finalise their fixtures for the coming season.
  4. The league shall be administered by a committee consisting of Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and up to seven committee members, all to be elected annually. The county secretary or county nominee to be ex officio. A quorum will consist of any three members of the committee
  5. The annual subscription shall be determined at the Annual General Meeting. It will be doubled if not paid by the 30th November. The club may be expelled if still not paid by the 31st January.
  6.  League Structures

a.     Entries to and withdrawals from the league must be received by the Secretary before the 21st of July prior to the AGM. The committee with then draw up the stackings for the coming season. These will be shared with the clubs on or before 31st July to allow fixtures to be set during August. The AGM will ratify the stackings.

b.     With the exception of promotion/demotion between Divisions One and Two, the league secretary will promote the winning team and the runner up to the next higher division. The bottom two teams will be demoted in each division.

c.     In the case of promotion/demotion between Divisions One and Two only the winning team of Division Two will be promoted and only the bottom team of Division One will be demoted.

d.     Rules 6b and 6c apply to Mens, Ladies and Mixed League.

  1. A match shall consist of two teams of six persons playing a total of eighteen games. Each team shall be divided into three pairs playing two consecutive games against each of the pairs in the other team. No person may play in more than one league and/or cup match in any one evening. The term "league" shall apply to any league affiliated to BADMINTON England
  2.  Match Nights
    1. Each team shall play one home and one away match with each other team in the division. Club secretaries must arrange these matches  before the Annual General Meeting or immediately following and must forward a list of their club's matches to the league secretary before the first match is played. All matches are to be played on Monday - Friday evenings unless both clubs mutually agree on some other time. It is the responsibility of the home club to confirm the match date, time and place to the away club before 1st October.
    2. The date of a match may be altered if both clubs concerned and the league secretary agree. If both clubs do not agree, the match may only be altered due to the unavailability of the hall or adverse weather conditions. In the event of a match being cancelled the offending team shall concede the match 0-9 and in addition have two points deducted. If a club is unable to raise a full team, as many games as possible are to be played and the unplayed games shall be awarded to the opposing side. The offending team will have one point deducted from the result.
    3. If a team by a combination of rules 8b and 8c has more than 5 points deducted it shall automatically be expelled.
    4. All matches are to be played to a conclusion on the agreed night. (Excluding rule 8b)
    5. All matches must be arranged to be played before the end of March. Any matches postponed due to unavailability or adverse weather conditions may be played in April with the agreement of the league secretary. 
    6. No club shall be permitted to have more than two teams in any one division. Where a club has two teams in the same division, all matches between these teams must be completed by the end of November.
    7. No club shall play in Divisions  1 and  2 of the league unless their playing conditions are passed as satisfactory by the league committee.
    8. All matches are to be played with cork based shuttles. All division  1 matches are to be played with feather shuttlecocks.
  1.  Scorecards
    1. Prior to a match opposing captains or their representatives shall exchange details of the constitution of teams.
    2. It is the responsibility of the home club, to forward the result card to the league results secretary within fourteen days. Where a card with an incorrect and/or incomplete information is submitted a fine of £3 - £10 will be made on each club at the discretion of the committee. If the scorecard is not received by the league secretary within 14 days of the match taking a place a fine will be imposed on the home team only, The first late card will be a fine of £3 rising by £1 for every subsequent late card.
  1. Each team is to be given two points for a win and one point for a draw. In the event of two or more teams tying with an equal number of given points, the final placings will be decided by the number of rubbers won and if still equal followed by the greatest difference in rally points..
  2. Matches may be played without umpires providing both captains agree to this measure.
  3. Players can represent only one club in the mixed league and only one club in the mens/ladies league in any one season.
  4. When a club enters more than one team in a league, the seniority of each team will be designated by the suffix of consecutive letters starting at "A" for the most senior or first team.
  5. The Mixed, Men’s and Ladies leagues will be treated separately for the purpose of nomination of players. A club must nominate six members of each team other than its lowest or only team in writing to the League Secretary before any team plays its first match. Failure to do this will result in each team (except the lowest) being deducted two points.
    1. Nominated players will be ineligible to play for lower teams.
    2. All players nominated for a team have to play at least four matches in a division of seven teams or more during the season in that team or a higher team or at least three matches in a division of six teams or less during the season in that team or a higher team.
    3. A replacement must be nominated if a club becomes aware during the season that an original nominated player will be unable to complete his/her required number of matches. If a club fails to comply with this the league reserves the right to impose penalty points on the offending team/s.
    4. A player may not play in a team if he/she has in the same season appeared in four or more matches for any more senior team.
  1. The league agrees to adopt BADMINTON England Child Protection Policy and Implementation Procedures. All individual members are deemed to have read, understood and assented to the BADMINTON England Code of Ethics and Conduct (“Code”) and as such recognise and adhere to the principles and responsibilities embodied in these documents.
  2. These rules shall be submitted to the Suffolk Badminton Association.
  3. No alteration will be made to these rules except at an Annual General Meeting or a meeting specially convened for that purpose. Notice in writing of any resolution or any proposed alteration of these rules must be forwarded to the league secretary six weeks before any such meeting.
  4. The Committee shall have power to decide on any matters not covered by these rules and its decisions shall be final.


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